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From state-of-the-art corporate headquarters to the perfect boutique office space.

Entrada Design offers impactful and creative solutions---from spatial layout,

to interior design, and furnishing and fixture design.





It begins with a solid foundation. Like the start of a great friendship, we get to know you: what you like and don’t like, what you need, and what you want. We listen, assess, and anticipate what you see for your business, understanding that company culture, growth trajectory, and vision for the future all play a part in creating the right physical environment. Then, we work closely with you to design a plan for the most intuitive and effective workspace, providing a combination of technical insight and creative thinking tailored to your needs. From mapping out spatial flow to providing hands-on construction management, from blueprint to build-out to move-in, we strategize how to take you smoothly from concept to finished space.


We believe only in the well-crafted concept, fully realized. We know that it takes the right mix of aesthetics, texture, and personality to bring any space to life. That means considering every little thing, from staging and decor, to space efficiency and densification, to furnishing and fixtures. We are tireless in our attention to detail, while remaining sensitive and flexible to your needs. We can help you flesh out grand ideas or hone in on an exact vision, while keeping in mind both nuanced and logistical constraints. We’re your creative director and collaborator, expert and partner—in ensuring that your workspace feels like a living, breathing part of your business, in both form and function.


The polish is in how it all comes together. Every business—and space—is unique. That’s why we invest in personalization, every step of the way. From project management to product sourcing, and everything in between, we work closely with you and our partners to handle your needs. Our comprehensive services include: onsite assessment, technical design, retail and wholesale furniture sourcing, liquidation services, installation service and repair, refurbishment, interior construction, and interior product sales. And we manage timelines and expectations to ensure an efficient process. From start to finish, we make it easy for you to place your trust in expert hands, and anticipate beautiful results.